The DUmb #17 • Sweders Edition

podcast11The DUmb podcast returns, this time with FIVE guests, all of them sweders who participated in the last Fresno Swede Festival. We welcome Travis Sheridan, Michael Banti, Josh Tehee, Will Albritton, and Vince Cosentino… along with, of course, Brodiemash and Bryan. We talk about sweding, the festival, summer movies, and more! The audio quality is a little (OK, a LOT) shitty, because we forgot to switch to line-in on Brodie’s brand spankin’ new iMac (which doesn’t automatically shut off the built-in mic when you’re using an external one). LAME. We truly are THE DUMB. Enjoy! Click here to download, or listen below.



  1. It was all me so feel free to express your hatred for me on this open thread. But if you get too crazy, I will cut you when I see you cause internetz are internetz, but stab wounds are forever :) My bad everyone…

  2. it sounded like a bunch of dudes yelling at the same time for about 40% of that. but it was mostly when i was talking.

    sorry bout that.

    [ps … dollarwillz is my hip hop name]

  3. It great,the post is very nice,i think is summer movie season is in full swing and today two more highly anticipated films can be added to the list of movies to watch this weekend

  4. enjoyed the episode guys, good work. sure, the sound was off a bit, and it reminded me of a beat up old tape, but still good.

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