SWAG! Win a cool grab bag of nerd stuff

UPDATE: And the winner is… Hilary! We will be sending the package of good stuff over to her and we want to thank everyone who entered!

With Free Comic Book Day going down this Saturday, May 1st we wanted to get you ready by rewarding our readers with some cool stuff so we’ve combined forces with the always awesome Heroes Comics to give you guys some cool stuff! So what do we have for you guys? Well check out what you can find in Showcase Number One:

That’s some good stuff, right? So all you have to do is leave a comment here on this post and tell us what superpower you’d like to have and what would be the first thing you did with it. Super strength to rob  bank? Invisibility and go to the girls locker room? Flight and take a trip to Japan? Either way, let us know and you’ll be entered to win! You can comment as many times as possible but only one entry will be counted. You have until this Saturday, May 1st at 6pm to enter and also, just as a reminder, you should go down to Heroes Comics this Saturday and pick up your free comic book and feel free to bring everyone you know because everyone gets one and don’t be surprised if you see some of your favorite Dumb Drum bloggers there on Saturday morning. Good luck! [Thanks to Dave at Heroes Comics, the best comic book shop in town. If you don’t know, now you know!]


  1. If I could have any super power it would be telepathy. I would love to hear what people don't want me to. I'm just nosey like that! I might also be slightly influenced by the book series I am currently reading :)

  2. for a long time, i wanted the ability to read minds, even more than i wanted to be able to fly. then the other day, Conlan and i were talking about someone and i was like "what if they KNEW we were talking about them?" and then a second later i said "THAT'S the super power i want!! i want to know when anyone is talking about me!!!" and Conlan was like "yeah, a little beep would go off in your ear or something and you'd hear the conversation!"

    and so now that's what i want. the end.

  3. This geek super-power of choice would be to manipulate tech with my mind, just like the kid from 'Heros'. One thought and I could hack in a government database, deposit 100 grand in my bank account, book a flight from Fresno to Hong Kong, and post a comment about it back here. Of course – doing it all in the name of good.

  4. i would want to be able to think about a place, blink and be there. That way when the 2 year old is throwing yet another fit i can think about the beach and blink and be there. Or when i dont want to cook dinner i can think about some killer ethnic food, pop in and pick it up and then be home in a flash.

  5. I would want to be able to be invisible. If people couldn't see me, they wouldn't stop to talk to me… so I could get more done, which would be nice now and then. Being able to be invisible also lends itself to some amusing, harmless pranks, like being able to move stuff around a bit to make people think twice about how much attention they're paying to their surroundings. With invisibility, you could sneak into meetings and hear information you wouldn't otherwise get. You could sneak into movies without paying. But that's evil and self-serving… so then to make up for it, you could use your invisibility for good, like for helping people out without their knowing or without them needing to know it was you, without them needing to thank you for it later. And it would be fun to be able to try things you've never done before without worrying about people seeing you do it badly (maybe I could finally try skateboarding without worrying about people seeing me fall on my face). So overall, I really think invisibility is the way to go.

  6. I'd like to have super genius power, like Braniac, only without the gigantic head. Then I'd do my taxes and get the biggest refund ever!

    No one said anything about being imaginative, so there you go.

  7. I would love to be able to Teleport. Teleportation would cut down my travel expenses and help with the whole carbon foot print think. I think it would only be beneficial if I could also teleport my luggage and a friend. As long as my teleportation power wasnt like "The Terminator". I dont want to burst onto the scene in a ball of flame and buck naked. The cost of the damages to property, plus the tickets I would get for indecent exposure, would offset my savings in travel. That,my friend, is what the pros call…a bummer.

  8. I want to be able to freeze time (like Evie in Out of this world). I could sleep in, get more work done, leave in mid-conversation with an boring individual. The possibilities are endless.

  9. Actually, I just realized what power I REALLY want. I want the ability to ALWAYS win swag and prizes. Whatever contest I enter, the winds of fate blow victory in my direction. Whether it be the lottery or just the flip of a coin. The victory always wins in my favor. For this to happen I would need some type of catalyst. What will be the first prize I win that will propel me into my life long winning streak? Hmmm…I wonder what that contest will be?

  10. I'd like to have the power to control minds. I'd make the executives at work do silly acts and entertain us at work. I'd also have my director give me a "FAT" raise. Woo hoo!!! But best of all, I'd want to mind control my kids so when they become teenagers, I'd prevent them from doing stupid Sh@#.
    Another awesome super power would be the power to heal.

  11. I would like to be able to heal people just like a medic in a video game… I would just run over, hold down the appropriate button, and that person would be back to full health. This power would include the ability to ubercharge people (think Team Fortress 2).

    I would also always wear a lab coat.

  12. I want the power to tell Dave at Heroes to hire me again, so that I can be the next Steve. I'll even be bitter and resentful if it helps.

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