Apple laptop event is live! New MacBook, MacBook Pro & Cinema Display models

Photo: Engadget

UPDATE: And it’s over head on over to Engadget, Mac Rumors & AppleInsider for all the details. As for me, no Firewire 400 on either of the new laptops make it a NO BUY for me. Am I missing something or could this be a big FAIL for Apple for overlooking this little connector port?

UPDATE: Head on over here to Engadget for their live blog from the event. REFRESH!

Steve Jobs is looking skinnier & skinner every time. We will have a complete wrap up after the event here!

• New MacBook Pros: Two 15 inch models, starting at $1999

• New Cinema Display: 24 Inch, LED back lighting, built-in iSight, stereo speakers

• Mac Book: made from aluminum, starting at $1299


  1. Indeed. Bryan, you might be more familiar with the whole Firewire deal. Am I wrong to not want to purchase one of these due to the lack of Firewire 400? I mean, is there a 800 adapter or are all video people left out on the cold on this one?

  2. There are most definitely 400 to 800 adapters, and 400 to 800 cables. I wouldn’t let that stop you from getting a new Macbook. Most new ext hard drives or other firewire devices also have support for 800 now. I’d be more worried about the whole DisplayPort thing, unless you don’t care about hooking up to ext monitors.

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