The DUmb #20 • Now in 3D!

by BryanDec 16th, 2009Comments (4)

podcast11-469x312So we decided to do something special for the 20th episode of The DUmb, and unfortunately it involved our ugly mugs: VIDEO!!! That’s right, not only do you get to listen to our heavenly voices, you get to see the lovely faces that go along with them. What a treat for you. Joining Brodiemash and Bryan as a guest on this visceral visual venture is none other than local corporate videomaker Andrew Toschi.

So sit back, relax and grab some popcorn as we discuss the following…

  • Elimination of the Fresno Film & Entertainment Commission.
  • A Swede Fest 4 recap & some minor Swede Fest 5 deets, we challenge Alan Autry to come out.
  • Andrew tells us about his upcoming LOST project & we call out for writers for Dumb Drum.
  • We talk about old downtown Fresno movie theaters & porn took over in the past.
  • A quick talk about drive-in movie theaters in the valley.
  • We announce our Rogue Festival plans & talk about the film component of the fest.
  • Avatar and will it live up to the hype. And will Bryan see it in 3D?
  • Andrew tells us about his URL fetish.
  • A Wes Anderson film discussion occurs.
  • Bryan reveals his next mission in life: coming up with a better name for this century.

And if you’re not in the mood for the boob-tube, here’s a link to the audio only version. But c’mon, that’s no fun.


The DUmb #19 • Your heart’s in the wrong place, Utah

by brodiemashOct 23rd, 2009Comment (1)

podcast11-469x312Once again back is the incredible! With this episode of The DUmb, we welcome Adrian Rodriguez from Late Update, the creator of Dead Days artist John Rios and from Doctored Designs, Brenda Carrasco. Join us as we discuss over some craziness and keep and ear out for a special appearance from Monty, the most DOPEST dog in the world!

• We talk Swede Fest 4 and how all that noise is going so far.

• Listen to us bad mouth the state of Utah and their fake ass Swede Fest

• A certain actor from Be Kind Rewind knows about Swede Fest… but probably doesn’t care.

• We challenge local personalities to make a swede.

• Adrian breaks down the relaunch of Late Update.

• John talks about Dead Days, how he’s finally using Twitter and gives us the best math related pick-up line.

• Brenda tells us about her experience at Pecha Kucha and what Doctored Designs is all about.

All this and more so feel free to download the file by clicking here or you can just stream it down there. As a reminder, the podcast is a little NSFW so put your headphones on if you’re at work or around small children.


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