Time to throw away your VCR: VHS is officially dead!

vhstapeVHS was the my gateway drug. If it wasn’t for the format, I never would have been bitten by the film bug. You see, living in Firebaugh the closest movie theater was in Fresno and rare was the trip we’d make into “town” to go check out a flick. Hence the VCR was my crack pipe, the video store my pusher, and my addiction was film. So although the technology is archaic compared to DVD, Blu-Ray & digital download, I still appreciate it for what it did for me. So when I caught this story from the LA Times about the last VHS distributor saying this would be the end for the fabled format, I was kinda sad to hear about it’s uncerimonious death. I will never forget the great adventures my VCR took me on and I owe it all to the VHS format. LONG LIVE VHS! Let us know your VHS stories, likes & dislikes (Rewind fees?! SRLY?!) or whatever else you remember about pur old friend!


  1. I didn’t know VHS was still alive. I wonder if I can take all my old vhs tapes and melt them together into a Blu Ray player?

  2. I love my VHS’s. I just bought Wakko’s Wish on VHS.
    I also just bought another combo dvd/vhs player because I killed my other one.

    Anyway… long live VHS!

    Oh and, ‘partymart’ you can dub your vhs’s to dvd and dvd to vhs.
    [with my player anyway]


    i love VHS!


  3. I have hundreds of VHS tapes. Most of my blaxploitation stuff is on VHS. I have the original trilogy in a Special Collector’s Edition Laserdisc Set. I have hundreds of those, too. That Blockbuster employee discount put me deep in debt.

  4. It will never be dead for me.I have 14 vcrs.these new recording formats suck.they are more difficult to use and far less reliable. How can I risk recording on a hard drive when if it breaks down, I lose everything ive recorded? Thats just 1 thing.I could go on and on.bring back the vcr to full production I say.back to the 80s

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