Compliance! Flight Of The Navigator gets a reboot from Disney

Since Dinsey started remaking movies from the past, I always wondering if they’d get around to redoing one of my all time Disney favorites in Flight Of The Navigator. Well, Slash Film has confirmed that indeed that travesty will be taking place. Reading the article over there, the bad news news is that the script is being written by Wild Hogs scribe Brad Copeland. Ugh, that can’t be good. Sure, dude’s got some work in for Arrested Development & My Name Is Earl but Wild Hogs, really?! Fuck’s sake this could turn out really, really bad. They better get Paul Reubens to return as the voice at the very least. And throw Sarah Jessica Parker in there as well, for old time’s sake! What do you guys think? Theses remakes are gonna happen so which ones would you like to see be redone?


  1. They’re actually going to be remaking Old Yeller, except it’s going to be about small housecat named Cap’n Thunder. It will take place in Victorian England, and the cat will have HIV instead of rabies. Also, at the end of the movie they cure HIV just to save the cat after its 9 year old owner breaks into the royal castle and makes a tearful and heartfelt plea to the Queen about how this is her “most bestest friend” and the film ends on an up note. Mm, nostalgia.

  2. This just broke my heart…why is it they feel the need to take away my childhood memories by reinventing them into bad movies. Ok…so I have no evidence that this will be a bad movie, but I have a feeling that it will be!

  3. The best way the audience can fight remakes, is to avoid watching them at the theaters, or paying for their rentals. If you prefer the original continue renting them, and even buying them from sites or store that keep records for Disney. Downloading or streaming them for free don’t allow companies to see accurate numbers. It’s not rocket science people.

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