1. Ok how much did Travis pay you to mention his name? Cause I'll double it if you guys pimp Weird Fresno next time.

    Good job as always gentlemen. Especially Bryan's forensic work on the Chinese food.

  2. cool, i went to Sunnyside!! i heard a rumor that the architect that designed it also designed prisons.

    "this is a pretty standard position to be in." you guys are soooo awesome. :)

  3. There used to be an awesome sandwich place on that corner w/ Wong's. It's called the Packing Shed. Sooo good. Wonder if its still there.

  4. Awesome… I think I shoot (sorry poor choice of words) on down there for lunch and grab myself some Chinese food, and wash it down with a Fo-tee like the first gentleman you showed….. and yes, the guy at the end is definitely a Costco Sized Douche bag!!
    Good stuff as always, Fella's!!

  5. I can't believe you guys were figuratively in my backyard. Actually, if you had climbed the SSHS Guard Tower you could have "seen my house from here!" Next time, drinks and fortune cookies at Ramons.

  6. Heelarryous, especially the crickets. Love the friendly safe position. Even when I assume that position with 'friends' they still end up calling the police. Guess I need to stop making 'friends' only at Sunnyside high school. -Stephen

    1. Thanks, sir! And yeah, it's kinda odd that two old "friends" like us can't just stand around and hug it out without people staring. What's wrong with society these days…

  7. When we were shooting the Safe Place part, people driving by keep doing double takes as Bryan & I stood there in that position. One guy was rubbernecking for about half a block in amazement, apparently. I guess two guys "hugging it out" is distracting to most :)

  8. OMG … this is so funny! And I'm so glad I now know what the "safe position" looks like in case I ever need to find safety, fast. You guys rock my face off!

  9. Thanks for announcing yourselves on mindhub. This is so fun! Have watched them all now and they get better and better. Can't wait for more!
    May I suggest Palm and Shaw. After being a Tower dweller from the mid-eighties (when you could get beat up for having a pierced nose; had one, did), the old man and I moved north of Fig Garden Village into a rockin mid-century pad. Have been joined by others of that vintage, one of whom, David Stone, who owns La Vogue in Tower, calls FGV "the Tower District; all grown up."
    Y'all can diss' no' of Shaw all you like (and you'll be just be inverse Woodward Parkers et al). This is the most walkable neighborhood in all Fresno. Post office, drycleaning, groceries, drugstore, bakery, coffee, seniors dancing to accordion music, dog-friendly, restaurants, bars, all within crawling distance! Defy you to find same anywhere in the burg. Sometimes I don't use my car for a week. Check it out. Yep. Tower District, all grown up. Don't mind the Lexuses. Lexi?

    1. We love all areas of Fresno and we'll hopefully profile every major intersection by 2012… or maybe later.

      And I'd argue that Mayfair is the most walkable neighborhood in Fresno. There are sidewalks EVERYWHERE there :)

  10. I love that you guys didn’t edit out the camera person sneezing or the guy at the end flipping you off. Classic. Can’t wait for the next one.

  11. Man, I thought the bizzybee part was going to be my favorite..but the tie-in with 10,000 dollar pyramid was brilliant! This cross-street series is an awesome idea.—-seriously something for the history archives…imagine how interesting (in a different way than they are now) they'll be in 20 years. Why didn't you start doing these when you guys were babies? They'd be cool to see.

    I really wanna see you try belmont and van ness—-I'm fascinated with those mini-houses on the south-west corner.

  12. haha nice i graduated from Sunnyside last year class of 09 woot woot….. Wongs tea garden really is disgusting, but that true it is crazy to have three Chinese restaurants in one location and the school was and the school was build by someone who builds prisons and that Mexican restaurant Ocompos is so good :)

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