Iron Man 2 ÜberPost

The floodgates have opened up for “Iron Man 2” info and with the film opening up a mere week and a half in the future, all types of early reviews, spoilers and clips (like the awesome one up there) have hit the internet and we’re here to corral them up for you!

• Reviews of the film have dropped all over the internet, ranging from really bad to really good. I’m not one to hype things up or anything (right?) so I’ve been trying my best to remain calm about the film but it’s kinda hard to contain the nerd in me. Still going in with lower expectations overall knowing that as long as War Machine does some awesome shit, I will come out of there with a smile on my face. Some of those reviews have heavy spoilers so tread at your own risk!

• So the first film had a button after the credits that introduced us to Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and this time director Jan Favreau does provides more fan service by including another one in the sequel and last night it was revealed what the scene will be. If you feel you MUST see what it’s all about, I’ve posted two crappy cell phone pics that have been leaked after the break at the end of this post so I’ll leave that up to you to decide. But I will tell you this: it’s pretty freakin’ cool! Also, you might to avoid going here to Collider to gather further insight into the scene.

• Wanna see the movie for free AND hella early? The Fresno Beehive is giving readers the chance to catch the film at an advanced screening next week and all you have to do is go over here, tell ’em what you’d do with as Tony Stark for a day and you could win tickets for you and a friend. Pretty awesome!

• Last night the film debuted at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin and director Jon Favreau & Tony Starks himself Robert Downey Jr. shot a cool video to welcome everyone and then… well you can see what happened after the break. Kinda cool!

Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. at the Alamo Drafthouse from DG on Vimeo.

So you can still look away if you don’t wan to see these….

Just saying, you might be cheating yourself if you see this in these crappy pictures before you see them in their full glory next week….

OKAY! Here they are:


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