Fresno Filmworks revs up some dope films; Beautiful Losers, Shaun Of The Dead screenings revive faith

Wow. Fresno Filmworks has a pretty good streak this year. I mean, I’ve always been glad that they were around but the films they have been screening for the past couple of years have been lackluster to me. But that all seems to be changing this year. With the Gonzo screening last week, the organization has started on a streak that will hopefully continue for the foreseeable future. According to some blogs posted over at Fresno Famous, this Halloween night brings us a midnight screening (for $5 no less!) of the Edgar Wright classic Shaun Of The Dead. Then, in mid November they bring us a free screening of the indie Beautiful Losers, which was a film that I’ve been heavily anticipating that we’d get it here locally. And Filmworks came through. Awesome! For more details, head on over to the official Fresno Filmworks site and here is the trailer for Beautiful Losers for you to prepare.

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