Terrence Howard out for Iron Man 2; War Machine to be played by Don Cheadle

Photo: Slash Film
Photo: Slash Film

The Hollywood Reporter is….reporting a rumor that negotiations between Terrence Howard & Marvel Studios have broken down and the executives have replaced Howard with veteran actor Don Cheadle to play Tony Stark’s best buddy ol’ pal Jim Rhodes a.k.a. War Machine in the upcoming Iron Man 2. Honestly, I like Terrence Howard and all but for some reason, his take on Jim Rhodes sucked. He lacked a certain something and he came off an very anemic in the role in this years blockbuster. Don Cheadle’s got the acting chops to pull of Rhodes with the vitality the charcter deserves. But for reals….all that I care is that we see Jim Rhodes, who ever ends up playing him, jump into the War Machine armor and kick ass! So do you guys think this was a good choice?


  1. Thats all i want too… warmachine to kick ass. Only if christian bale was black (american psycho) or even the a wrestler would be cool to play warmachine like Randy Ortan or The Rock. Peace out

  2. actualy Olivia Munn is to play war machine, declared on air at comicon ’09 by her in company of jon Farveau. check g4tv.com and I’m sure you’ll find it

    1. olivia munn isnt going to play war machine she is playin Melina Vostokoff. don cheadle is going to be war machine

  3. Think about this choice Michael Jai White. I'm seriously not sure why he was not the first pick anyway. He's a bad ass that took on hell itself.

  4. yea war machine is probably gonna kick ass but u think that they should have stayed with Terrence Howard. the movie just wont b the same without the same characters..yea and this will really take away from the movie…

  5. i’ve seen iron man. N i remember terrence looked at the iron man prototype n said: ‘next time baby,next time’. N damn,i believe that his gonna be the one in warmachine.but i’m dissapoint..
    T.T well,let’s juz hope don cheadle will not let the fans down.
    beside hollywood effect always manage to cover this kind of issue.. Fans will put their eyes more on this.

  6. im glad the first bloke was a bell end!!!!!!!! only ever thing hes been good in was hustle and flow.

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