SWAG!: Win an autographed copy of Tony Stamolis’ Frezno


Everyone likes free stuff right? Well, here’s your chance to get some pretty cool stuff as Tony Stamolis has kindly given Dumb Drum an autographed copy of his new book, Frezno to giveaway to our readers. And as this is our first give away, we’re gonna make it easy. Just leave us a comment on this post letting us know what your favorite thing about the city of Fresno is. That’s it! Be sure to do it by Monday, Dec. 15th at 11pm which is when the contest will close. We will randomly pick a winner from all the entries and we will contact the winner via email. Limit one entry per person.

And if you don’t want to take the chance of being stuck without an autographed copy of the book, don’t forget this Saturday from 5-10pm will be the book party going on over at Sugar Hill & Red Wave Tattoo and Mr. Stamolis himself will be on hand to sign your copies. Peep the flyer for all the deets, good luck & be sure to swing by the shindig this weekend!


  1. Fresno is two hours or less from the mountains and the ocean. We have everything that a “big” city needs: Art, music, film(in the works), urban sprawl, homelessness(this may describe the future of the first three entries), and what few of the “big” cities have, some damn fresh, delicious, and reasonably priced produce. Insert CHEERING noises here.

  2. My favorite thing about Fresno is that it’s spelled with an S and not a Z. Zing! It’s not possible to write a comment so bad that I get disqualified huh?

    Seriously though these photos are crazy and I’d love to get my hands on one of these books. Not exactly the Fresno that certain people want to portray, but real nonetheless.

    BTW I found out the socal crowd still calls Fresno the Arm Pit of California. What are we going to do about that?

    1. I don’t know, but there was a woman who was like “Fresno? You know what we call that? Tha armpit of California!” I know bakersfield gets that moniker too but I guess we’re all the same here in this valley to them.

  3. hmmm, i’ll go with the tower district. right after that is bloggeraderie.

    something i noticed, i tried to subscribe via itunes and it’s telling me you don’t have any files. thoughts?

  4. Wow….I love so much about this shitty town…jk………..I would have to say Tower, completely biased since I not only live there but most of my favorites spots are there. Perfect weekend, take a stroll to Hart’s Haven’s Used book store and get some of the latest novels half price…go for a cup of tea at Teazers and grab a sandwhich at Piedmonte’s……who could ask for more?

  5. Favorite thing about Fresno?
    That I can be a semi-celebrity by doing close to nothing.

    Which really means stuff like The Rogue Festival/Swede Festival/FUSE Fest/Smog City Roller Grrls/MeatBall Magic/Black Light Poetry/LateUpdate/ArtHop/any number of blogs/podcasts/and on/and on/and on …

  6. What else? FRESNO STATE FOOTBALL! You can’t get the kind of fans you have here anywhere else. It’s a city with small town heart. And I, also, totally agree with Fresno Famous when they say it’s easy to big a big fish in this small pond. People rally around their local leadership and personalities. It really gets a bad rap, but the city has many redeeming qualities and the fun part is discovering them all.

  7. How many comments can I leave? I’m gonna miss the book signing! Noooooooo!

    I got lots of favorite parts of Fresno. I love Sam’s Deli. I love Fulton Mall. I love the downtown library. I love how we have an underserved vegetarian population. I love to hate the bus. 34 baby.

    1. Why is it that I have never seen you at Sam’s? The movie has kept a lot out of my budget, lately. I would take Jimmy every Friday to get sangwiches for lunch. WOPs rule!

  8. Courthouse Park. Wong’s Tea Garden. That section on Peach between Tulare and Kings- S-C-A-R-Y. The bathroom at Robertito’s (people die there).

  9. My favorite thing is the natural beauty and contrast that surrounds Fresno. In the winter, on a clear day, the Sierra Nevada mountains glisten in the sun. When spring arrives, all plants with blossoms burst like fireworks. Summer brings long, hot, colorful sunsets. In the fall, the hills turn a golden brown and mix with the bittersweet aroma of fermenting wine in the air.

  10. I like how Fresno is the sort of town that allows regular Fresnans to invent stuff—like Rogue Festival , FilmWorks, whatever….and it can become a *thing* and actually work.

    I also like late summer nights when you walk outside of a club or a movie and it’s warm and you can wear shorts and a t-shirt. It just feels good.

    And then even FOGGY days when it’s sort of spooky and quiet outside and Christmas lights and stuff look all diffused and mysterious.

  11. I’m determined to win this book….

    Best thing about Fresno: Potholes on First Street. Better. Potholes on First street while you’re riding the bus.

    1. Sorry, 17 comments still only = 1 entry. Gotta keep it fair for everyone. But feel free to keep letting us know what you like about your lovely town!

  12. I’m keepin’ it true to the Fresno game, and sayin’ I’m in the South of Shaw economic bracket. So another favorite thing about Fresno is how I heard the kids at Tioga being told this morning that they are not to wear anything that is more than 50% red, and that included Santa hats and shoe strings.

    Cuz everyone knows, Santa’s a gangster.

    1. This is pretty sad, really. We have one kid there now, and another that got promoted last year. This whole blue and red clothing thing is ridiculous. Our kids are as milquetoast as you can get. They are like a pale Naked Bros. What color really isn’t a gang color these days?

  13. I love Fresno because it’s not sooo big and yet we have everything here that we need……also I like to hear the saying ” we are on our way to Fresno in movies …..

  14. I’m laughing at Teresa’s last comment.
    First the South of Shaw economic bracket. I wonder if there’s a little box you can check on your tax form about that!

    Second the bit about Tioga and not wearing anything that’s more than 50% red. (note: I went to that school, so it’s always dear to my heart [no, not really, yech. jr.high] I imagine all these hordes of 13 year olds having a massive fight: one side wearing red santa hats, the other blue ones.(Do they *sell* beige Santa hats?)

    ok, supposed to be about stuff we love about Fresno:
    *Spinners Records!
    *Bike rides through Old Fig, Tower, Fresno High.
    *Hungry Bear Cookies! (first seen across the street from the Oly in that little Van Ness court thing where the bike shops were.)
    *KFCF (I lived for a goodly while in LA, and their Pacifica channel was booooring in comparison.)

  15. What? 17 comments later, you tell me it only counts as one entry? I’m devastated. Must. Have. Book. Signed. Free. (gasp)

    Anywho…things I love about Fresno:

    *How people slow down on the freeway for absolutely NOTHING. Cuz it might be their cousin on the side of the road.
    *Pig Explosion pizza at Me-n-Eds.
    *Huntington Blvd. yard sale
    *Jesus all fenced up and missing a hand at Sacred Heart

    And a favorite that no longer exists…the mural of the bike cop down the street from Castillo’s on Ventura. (Note to Creative Fresno: Please let me repaint him somewhere.)

    Well, off to LA.

  16. South of Shaw is definitely an economic bracket of its own. Just ask my fellow residents and the Brookings Institution.

  17. I love the farming! I love that we can have food security here if we can juust do a little work to empower our immigrant population and wrest ill-placed subsidies away from monocrop farmers who are actively part of the problem of food insecurity.

  18. This is my last post on this topic, I swear.

    Now that I’m in LA, I have realized another favorite thing about Fresno. It has prepared me to be lost in East LA at odd hours of the night and not be phased because it just looks like I perpetually got lost on Belmont.

  19. I have to give it to Alex. Girls dancing at Aldo’s has to be a top Fresno favorite. Ding ding ding- we have a winner.

  20. Show me the book baby!!!!!!!

    Favorite thing about Fresno,,,,,

    FRESH FOOD!!! (produce, if you have been to places like Idaho or the like you know what passes for oranges and other types of produce, we’re the shit here as the center of the agricultural nation, cause we are number freaking one in the nation as top agricultural county, we beat entire freaking STATES! as a county! )

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