Dem Trailers: Sherlock Holmes

Post-Madonna Guy Ritchie has his next film ready to come out and this film is totally different from his previous film work. Sure, he’s had his misses (Swept Away) but when dude’s on point, the man does some good work (Snatch)! And from the trailer, it looks like this one might be falling somewhere in the middle, as it has the humor & action of a Lock, Stock… but still has a tint of Revolver in it as well. Not terribly excited but from this trailer but you know, Robert Downey Jr. always has the ability to make a turd shine and with Ritchie doing a period piece, this should at least be an entertaining excercise for the audience.


  1. Meh I don’t know. But like you said RDJ should make it better, and I do like Jude Law cast as Watson. Will I be there opening night? Probably not. I’ll wait for a matinee.

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