The Avengers are here to remind you: Swede Fest entries due in two weeks

UPDATE! Looks like our little swede is getting some attention! Thanks to First Showing for being the first one to link it, also check out: The Hollywood Reporter, MTV Splash Page, Slash Film, Aint It Cool News, Buzz Feed, Attack of the Show, Nerdist, Laughing Squid, Bleeding Cool.

Last week the internets were graced with the theatrical trailer for Marvel’s The Avengers, a movie we’ve been looking forward to here at Dumb Drum for quite some time. So what better way to celebrate than to swedeeeeeee it! That’s just what we did. Check it out above and remember that your sweded films are due in just under two weeks by Tuesday, November 1 at 11:59 p.m. Shoot us an email when you’re ready to submit and we’ll make arrangements to collect. In the mean time, why don’t you help us spread our Avengers swede and get the word out about Swede Fest 8 going down Saturday, November 5 at 5pm at Full Circle Brewing Co in downtown Fresno. Special thanks to Chloë Tatro, Brandon Carrera, John Rios, Travis Sheridan, Tommy Brand, and Andrew Toschi for helping out.


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