Fulton Mall Street Views

Use the green arrows (or your keyboard arrows) to move forward, left, right, or back. You stop on any spot and look around 360 degrees.


  1. Hey, there's still activity on this thread, nice!

    Something cool that you can do is add a couple spots here and there to an existing place. For example, I'd love to see a couple spots walking toward the southwest from the 7th spot (on Kern) toward Chukchansi Park; maybe up to the gate. Or similarly on Mariposa St. Just a suggestion! :-)

    And for anyone else reading this, you can post a live version of this place on your own blog by going to the Fulton Mall page on the RealPlaces site at:http://realplaces.com/place/bryanharley/Fulton_Ma… and clicking the [share] button. You'll get some HTML you can paste right into your blog. Enjoy!

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