Dem Trailers: 127 Hours

It’s just something about trailers that show clips of the director’s previous filmography that bothers me. Sure, Danny Boyle might not be a household name but something about that seems so Mickey Mouse (no offense to Mickey Mouse). But as soon as you pass that intro, you get into the meat of the trailer for Boyle’s next film, which has been getting some pretty positive buzz. I’m kinda rooting for James Franco here as I think he’s got some good acting chops in him and hopefully this could be the film to elevate him to another level. Also, if you haven’t seen Boyle’s “Sunshine” do yourself a favor and see that ASAP! So what do you guys think of the trailer? Leave a comment and let us know!


  1. danny boyle is the shit!! james franco is the shit!! sunshine is the shit!! this movie= the shit!! btw didnt james franco play james dean in a movie??

  2. I love the look of Danny Boyle films. My wife and I have been fans of James Franco since "Freaks and Geeks" first aired. Franco's projects since then have been hit and miss, but hopefully this will be a break out role for him.

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