Cross Streets #4 – Willow & Friant

In this episode the guys explore the northern growth area!

Join Roque and Bryan as they explore the city of Fresno
one cross street at a time in this ongoing web series.

Past Episodes:
#1 – First & Shields, #2 – Fresno & G, #3 – Belmont Loop


  1. yea, probably 10 years from now when you're standing in that spot, somebody will be honking at you with their electric hovercraft to get the hell out of the way…. Most likely will be a product of too many Starbucks capsules…
    Man, the future looks bleak…..

  2. not only did you top the last one, you proved to me once and fer all there is no reason for me to head north of shaw. thanx guys… moar please

  3. Fun!
    The peanut gallery is wondering if you accept humbly-made requests for possible locations for you to cover?

  4. You are competing with Throne of Blood right now in my household and you are HOLDING YOUR OWN! Woot! Woot! I love me some Cross Streets. Sorry I said Cross Roads last time, my bad, my bad.

  5. I was going to suggest a Cross Streets in my hood for a future episode but I don't think Kevlar vests are in the dumbdrum budget yet.

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