Cross Streets #10 – Cedar and Shields

Join Roque and Bryan as they explore the city of Fresno one cross street at a time in this ongoing web series.

Past Episodes:
#1 – First & Shields, #2 – Fresno & G, #3 – Belmont Loop, #4 – Willow & Friant, #5 – Kings Canyon & Peach, #6 – Fresno & Belmont, #7 – Fulton & Divisadero, #8 – Herndon & Blackstone, #9 – Fresno & P with the Mayor of Fresno, #10 – Cedar & Shields


    1. Dude, we shot some stuff in front of there!  Unfortunately it landed on the cutting room floor. These episodes could easily be 10+ minutes, haha. Also, after the fact, the owner at Heros Comics told us about an old movie theater that used to be at Cedar/Shields called the Bijou Theater. So many hidden gems…

  1. My sister bought a house on Shields right after McLane was built. That was quite the neighborhood in its heyday. 

  2. i think “i believe luis bootmaker also does boot removal” may be your funniest line yet. great job guys!

  3. ICE CREAM WARS!!!! Awesomeness, as always guys.  Frebby worthy stuff right here.  I remember my mom taking my sister and I for Thrifty cones on Shaw/West growing up- single cones were 39 cents.  I think this comment has now officially made me OLD! Yikes.

    1. See, I remember them being HELLA cheap like that, too. So when we went in and saw they were like a buck fiddy a scope, I was kinda shocked. 

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