1. Nice. This series is awesome.

    Talk to anyone 60+ who lived in Central Fresno they will tell you they used to drag Belmont and turn around at the loop. The hub was a drive in at Belmont and Palm.

  2. Cross Streets is one of my favorite things on the Fresno internets…Keep up the good work you guys, and I can't wait for the next.

  3. If that guy was improperly crossing the loop, then let me ask this- how did you get to the unicorn burial ground?

  4. It really sucks how we have to worry about clouding the subject with facts in today's society…. and that dude illegally crossing the loop should have been arrested for that hideous jacket…Jesus, looks like Walt Disney threw up.
    Nice job fella's… Thanks for keeping us in "the loop"!!

  5. That's hillarious. What you are calling a loop is a circle and the name of it is actually THE BELMONT CIRCLE.

    1. Or, on the next Cross Streets with special guests: The Guys Who Like to Eat," you could schedule a roach coach to drive by and…hilarity (read: food fight) ensues.

  6. Best one yet sirs. Though I am slightly pissed at myself that you guys did the story on the burial location for the Last Unicorn before I did. That was going to be my post on Weird Fresno tomorrow. Now I have to do another chupacabra story.

    1. I prefer all-wheel drive action and pulling some lateral G's (as you can see in the video) but to each his own :) I think I'd kill myself if I ever got on a motorcycle. Unless it had a side car, which is my plan eventually.

    2. I actually rode over to check the feasibility of knee dragging there, (I read too many UK bike mags), but the surface there is all torn up. It's in serious need of repaving. That probably kept me out of trouble, though.

  7. The concrete flag USED to be made out of flowers…but instead of spending money on a gardener, they just decided to make it out of cement (instead of doing away with it all together). Whoopie… Ah, Fresno…

    Anyway, when can we expect #4???

  8. "I can still hear the mission bells and the train rolling through your town
    Gonna leave this world behind, we're Southern California bound."

    Name that tune….

    Great work guys, ya gotta new fan.

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