1. You forgot to mention that corner is where the infamous Pizza and Pipes used to be. Oh well, great bit, hope to see more!!

    1. Sad to say I've never heard of this Pizza and Pipes place. But now that I've done the research, it sounded friggin' awesome. This is why we plan to bring along guests in future episodes that may possess special knowledge about said cross street.

    2. Good call. Nothing has done well there since Pizza and Pipes left. George's had a banquet hall there, then there was a Thai food place. Now we have a Game Stop. That should last a while, I would think.

  2. death to the infidels called starbucks!! i hear mickey d's got decent coffee, never tried it. that starbucks may have been too deep in the "hood" to make a profit, thats funny because its only 1st and shields

  3. I miss Gemco (holla to the old school Fresnans). I am eagerly awaiting your homage to my fave cross streets First & Gettysburg.

  4. for the the famous Blackstone and Shaw will have to be an episode for every season and for every political protest.
    the best video so far for Blackstone and Shaw had to be the Naked Peta protest but there need to be more TnA in the footage.

  5. not just Pizza and Pipes, Gemco, Longs Drugs, but there used to be a Sambos near there also.
    Why was all the stuff there what was the draw… the original location for Valley Children's Hospital was only a few streets away at Millbrook and Shields.

    Will there be a Canal rafting adventure episode? Do you plan to do all the Cross Streets that have Canals on the corner or near them? there are a few you know like West and Ashland, Palm and Dakota there are many along Shields.

  6. Love it! What a scenic cross street!
    One of my first jobs out of Fresno State was working for Neighbors Newspapers (owned by The Fresno Bee – when it used to exist) in the offices inside of the Blood Center Building just behind that strip mall on First. When we had to work Saturdays, my work buddies and I would walk over to that Taco Bell or even Pizza and Pipes and get a bite. Good times!

  7. May I suggest Belmont and Abby next. Ya got a repurposed Bob's Big Boy and Wienerschnitzel right there! Plus a number of fine automotive establishments.

    1. I would roll through that Taco Bell after a late night at Crossroads!!! I <3 First & Shields…

      Lemme know when ya do Blackstone and Shaw…I once panhandled on that corner ($22 in 2 hours…holla)

  8. • Willow & Gettysburg (most underrated cheap gas / liquor store / late night munchies stop)
    • Peach & Kings Canyon (cheap cuisine central)
    • Shaw & Marks (what the fuck is this mess)
    • Champlain & Perrin (the heart of whiteness)

  9. Oh damn, how did you leave out Pizza and Pipes?! (I only know this because I grew up in the neighborhood right next to Food Co.) Looking forward to seeing more cross street segments!

  10. Oh you two were so close! May I humbly suggest Dakota and Cedar for a future episode (Robertito's) or First and Clinton (Sam's Deli). While these two intersections do have lots of great (and not so great) food, they are sadly lacking in porn.

  11. I was almost mugged INSIDE that Target. Really. Used to be an all-neighborhoods Fresno gal, grew up at Cedar/McKinley, lived in Tower, Fresno High for 20 years, office at Olive/Fresno and now downtown in PG&E building. Had no fear of going anywhere. Guess now being blond, white and with a nice company-provided card will restrict my movements. Alas, just too old for that shit.

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